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BMI Development Catalog

An example informed consent form created with Microsoft InfoPath® and published to a SharePoint® web site. Note the inclusion of required fields (highlighted in red) and an electronic signature area.

An example demographics form, also created with Microsoft InfoPath®/SharePoint®.

InfoPath® enables you to create forms of varying complexity.  In this example form, more than 70 data points are being collected on one page.

An example study dashboard created with Microsoft SharePoint® and custom .NET programming. Here study staff are able to track the status of double data entry for each subject.

Also created with SharePoint® and custom code, this page enables comparison of values in a double data entry study.

The look and feel of SharePoint® sites can be customized to match each study's needs and maximize usability. In this example from the STOP-IT stroke trial, stop signs serve as buttons for launching a web-based randomization form. Colors also reinforce the study brand.

Another example of a study dashboard.  This screen enables study coordinators to launch case report forms and monitor their status including review by the study monitor.

For some studies, a custom design and customized web application may be more suitable. This is an example of a login screen for a study web site used by both adults and children.

An example user registration screen from a custom web application.

An example of an electronic consent form for a research study.

An example of how a validated paper-based instrument was redeveloped as an online questionnaire, with formatting intact.

An example of a highly customized user interface.  In this application, participants in an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) study play interactive carnival games.

Participants pop balloons as a stopping task in the ADHD study web application.

This attention task game features a bird theme.

This memory task game features a whack-a-mole theme.

A score card screen gives participants feedback at the end of each game.

An example of a custom-themed public-facing web site developed using the Drupal content managment system (

Another custom-themed Drupal web site (

Drupal web site for the Cincinnati MR Imaging of NeuroDevelopment research project (

This site is powered by Drupal too!