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Drupal - Site Log In

  1. To log in to your site, either click the “Log In” link that can be found at the bottom of the page on most sites, or type in your site’s URL address and add “/user” to the end of it, without the quotes. (For example the log in page for the site would be found at
  2. A user log in form will appear on the page, asking for your username and password.  Drupal sites use your BMI Systems Account (LDAP) account credentials to log in and edit your site. These credentials are used for many technology resources at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, and if you already have an account you may simply log in with it (Note: a BMI Systems LDAP account is separate from your standard CCHMC log in).



Requesting an Account

  • If you have an LDAP account you may simply log in to the site, however if you do not have an LDAP account, you must email a request to for help in creating a new LDAP account in your name.  In your request include the following information: requestor's full name, requestor's division, requestor's CCHMC network ID, and the purpose of the account:  Drupal access.


Adding Users to Your Site

  • Once a user has an LDAP account (see previous section “Requesting an Account” if not) they can log in to the site immediately.  When a user logs in for the first time to your site, an account will be automatically created for them with basic permissions (i.e. they can view content but they cannot edit it).  If editing privileges are required for that user, a request should be sent to containing their LDAP username and requesting that “Site Contributor” permissions be applied to their account.