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Drupal - Quick Start Guide

How to Create a New Page

  1. To create a new page on your Drupal site you must be logged in. 
  2. From the Administer menu go to the “Create Content” link.
  3. Choose the type of content you wish to create.  The standard types are Page (normal site content, for example an “About Us” page) and Story (typically news and announcements, for example “Division Awarded Research Grant”).
  4. Note: Depending on the level of customization on your site there may be other types. Consult with your site developer if you are unsure what type to use.
  5. Once you have chosen the type of content, give your new page a title and enter the content using the fields on the editing page.
  6. Under the “URL path settings” at the bottom of the page it is recommended you give your new page a short descriptive name (with no spaces) that will be used in the page URL.
  7. Hit “Preview” if you wish to check the formatting of your page before publishing, and then hit “Save” to publish your content to the site.

How to Edit Content

  1. Content can be edited directly from the page view when you are logged in and have appropriate permission. Simply click the “Edit” tab/link found at the top of a page.
  2. This opens the standard content editing area, where the title, menu location, body, and URL path can all be configured.
  3. Whenever changes are made to the content, a comment should be added under “Revision Information”. In the “Log message” box provide a brief description of changes to document the update for future users.
  4. Hit “Preview” to check the content formatting, and then hit “Save” to publish the changes to the site.

How to Upload an Image

  1. While editing content, click the Insert/Edit Image button (which should look similar to this: drupal31.png ).
  2. The image editing dialog will appear.  Click “Browse Server”.
  3. Choose an existing file on the server, or click the “Upload” button at the top to add a file from your computer.  Browse for the file and hit “Upload” to add to the server.
  4. Once you have the file selected, hit the “Send to FCKEditor” button at the top (or right click the file and choose “Send to Rich Text Editor”), and it will be imported into the Image dialog box on the editing page.
  5. Choose any alignment options, change the image size if necessary, then hit “OK” to add into the content area of your page.