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Drupal - Adding Menu Items

  • Occasionally the addition of a new category of content may warrant the addition of a new navigation menu item for the site. In order to do so add these additional steps at the start of the Adding a page guide, or when going back to edit a page.
  • Note: If your site has a customized design, adding new navigation menu items to your site template may require additional design work. If this appears to be the case, consult with BMI via the email help queue.
  • The settings that must be modified are located at the top of the page for creating a new Page or Story, under the “Menu Settings” link.
  • Clicking this link will open options for what the new menu item should be named (it can be the same as the page title, or something different), and the “Parent Item” where it should be located.
  • If you wish to add the page to the site navigation, find the group with your other menu items (typically called “Primary Links” or “Top Navigation”), and choose that parent item for where the page should be listed. You can also choose a specific menu item and it will become a child of that page (for example if you want a subpage under the Research section, you would choose the Research menu item). 
  • Once you have chosen where the page will appear, enter your content then hit Save. Your new page will be created and you should see it in the menu.
  • If the menu item appears in the wrong spot, you can arrange the order of the menu items under the Administer -> Site Building -> Menus area, then clicking the menu you want to edit, and dragging to rearrange the order of the items.