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Drupal - Working with Blocks

On some pages the content may be contained in “Blocks”, which are containers that can be independently edited and configured within a larger page framework. These containers may have static content or they may be updated automatically when another part of the site changes (for example an announcements block that shows the most recent news posts, or a quick links sidebar that shows up on certain pages).

  • Note: Depending on your site configuration this capability might be a feature available only upon request to the site developers or site administrators.

Add a Block

  • To create a new block, go to the Administrator page and under the “Site Building” section click the link to “Blocks”.


  • To create a new block, click the “Add Block” tab at the top of the page.


  • Add a description for your block that will show up on the Block configuration page, and then give your block a title that will show as the header for your block when displayed on the page. Add the content in the same way you would for a page or story (refer to section 4 for more detailed descriptions of the FCK Editor).
  • With blocks it is possible to change visibility for specific users, roles, or pages. At the bottom of the page choose either certain roles that can view the content, or leave them all blank to allow all roles to view the content. 


  • Also at the bottom of the page is the option to list pages that should be the only ones showing the block, or pages that should not show the block. Follow the description below each tool to learn how to enable certain features for select users or pages. On some sites these options may only be accessible by site administrators, in which case you should contact for assistance.


  • Hit “Save” and the block will appear on the configuration page in the “Disabled” area to start. Drag your newly created block into a page area, hit “Save Blocks”, and it will show up in that area of the page.

Edit a Block

  • Go to the page that has the block you wish to edit. Make sure you are logged in, then hover your mouse over the block and a small menu should appear in the upper right of the object. From that menu, choose the “edit block” link.


  • Edit the content in the same way you would for a page or story (refer to section 4 for more detailed descriptions of the FCK Editor).

Delete a Block

  • Similar to editing a block, from the block configuration screen you have a link to delete any user created blocks. Use caution when deleting a block, as this action cannot be undone and will remove the block from all pages on the site in which it formerly appeared.