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Basic Research Support

The Division of Biomedical Informatics supports basic researchers with resources and services such as:

  • Computational cluster
    Perform processor- and memory-intensive tasks such as microarray analysis, genome-wide association analysis and protein structure prediction. Learn more on our cluster page.
  • CERF™ electronic lab notebook software
    Overcome the limitations of paper notebooks when it comes to storing, sharing and securing your data. Get details on our CERF page.
  • Data storage systems
    Use our Research Data Storage (RDS) system to get centralized space for personal and project data at low or no cost. Get pricing and other information on our RDS page.
  • Collaboration tools
    Set up a public or private web portal, securely share large files, set up calendars, mailing lists and more. Get details on our collaboration tools page.
  • Hosting
    Instead of buying your own server or stretching the limits of a desktop machine, use our secure infrastructure to host your web site or database. Learn more on our hosting page.
  • Software
    Find out which tools are being used at Cincinnati Children's and UC for tasks such as statistical analysis, sequence and expression analysis, and protein modeling. Browse our software inventory for details including purchase/installation instructions.
  • Mac, Linux and Solaris support
    Get help beyond the basic desktop support provided by Cincinnati Children's Information Services and UCIT. Visit our Mac, Linux and Solaris support page for details.
  • Bioinformatics support
    For help with tasks such as protein structure prediction, protein docking and homology modeling, consult the Protein Informatics Core. For informal or grant-funded support in areas such as genomic sequence analysis and microarray data analysis, email the BMI Help Desk, and your request will be forwarded to a suitable BMI faculty member or research assistant.