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Restoring RDS Files on Windows

Mac OS X Users

See Restoring RDS Files on Mac OS X

If you need to recover accidentally deleted files/folders from an RDS drive, or if you would like to roll back a file/folder to a previous state, you MAY be able to do so by completing the following steps:

1. Open the RDS folder that contained the files/folders you deleted, or that contains the file/folder you want to roll back.











2. To recover deleted files/folders, Click on the end of the path name and type "\.snapshot" (no Quotes)

3. You will see a list of the daily snapshots for the last several days.after.JPG








4. Double Click the folder with the date you want to restore from and you can restore the missing files.


If the version you need is not listed, call the Service Desk (6-4100) for further assistance.