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Path to Divisonal Shared Drive


Path to Shared (G:) Drive

NOTE:  On Mac, path begins with smb:// and the path has forward slashes ( / )

Adolescent Medicine \\\AdMed-S
Allergy \\\Allergy-S
Anesthesia \\\Anesthesia-S
Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology \\\Psychology-S
Biomedical Informatics \\\BMI-S
Biostatistics and Epidemiology \\\DBE-S
Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute \\\CBD-S
Cardiology \\\Cardio-S
Center for Autoimmune Genomics and Etiology \\\CAGE-S
Center for Safe and Healthy Children \\\CSHC-S
Center for Technology Commercialization \\\CTC-S
Clinical Pharmacology \\\ClinPharma-S
Clinical Research Center \\\CRC-S
Critical Care \\\CriticalCare-S
Dentistry \\\Dentistry-S
Developmental Biology \\\DevBio-S
Emergency Medicine \\\EmMed-S
Endocrinology \\\Endo-S
Experimental Hematology \\\ExpHem-S
Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition \\\Gastro-S
Human Genetics \\\HumGen-S
Immunobiology \\\ImmunBio-S
Infectious Diseases \\\ID-S
Mass Spectometry \\\MasSpec-S
Molecular Cardiovascular Biology \\\MCB-S
Nephrology and Hypertension \\\Nephro-S
Neurology \\\Neurology-S
Ophthalmology \\\Optho-S
Orthopedics \\\Ortho-S
Pulmonary Biology \\\PulBio-S
Pulmonary Medicine \\\PulMed-S
Rheumatology \\\Rheumatology-S
Office of Clinical and Translational Research \\\OCTR-S
Urology \\\Urology-S
Veterinary Services \\\VetServ-S


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