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Mapping Drives to RDS (Shared Folders) on Windows

(Note: For users looking to map drives on Mac OS X, please see Mapping Drives (Shared Folders) on Mac OS X)

Getting Access to a Drive

  • After being granted access to a drive, you must restart your computer before mapping a drive to it.
    If you are denied access to a drive, please restart your computer and try mapping it again.
  • Authorizers can grant access to users via the Permissions Manager.
    Authorizers do not automatically have access, but they can grant access to themselves.
  • The Permissions Manager can be accessed here:
  • Instructions on how to use Permissions Manager are here:

Windows 7


1. Right-click My Computer:


2. Select Map Network Drive:


The Map Network Drive window should appear.

3. For Drive, select the letter you want to assign to the network folder you're mapping. For example, if you are mapping your division's shared folder on the Research Data Storage (RDS) system, you would probably select G.


4. For Folder, type or paste the address of the folder you would like to assign to the drive you selected in step 3.  Example:  \\\YourDivision-s


5. Make sure the Reconnect at logon check box is selected, and click Finish.

6. Your drive should now be mapped. If you are still unable to get to your network drives, please email the BMI Help Desk.