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Other Storage - Mac Connection Instructions

(Note: For users looking to map drives on Windows, please see Other Storage - Windows Connection Instructions)

Getting Access to a Drive

  • After being granted access to a drive, you must restart your computer before mapping a drive to it.
    If you are denied access to a drive, please restart your computer and try mapping it again.
  • Authorizers can grant access to users via the Permissions Manager.
    Authorizers do not automatically have access, but they can grant access to themselves.
  • The Permissions Manager can be accessed here:
  • Instructions on how to use Permissions Manager are here:


In the “Connect to Server” window, enter smb:// In this example we are accessing the share “bmi_smb_”.

Click the “Connect” button.


In the login screen enter your CHMC user id. In this example, Jdoe2 is used for the user ID, so chmcres\Jdoe2 is entered.

Enter your password and click “Connect”.


The share should now mount.