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Vector NTI is software for desktop sequence analysis which can be used to


  • create, annotate, analyze and share DNA and protein sequences
  • perform and save BLAST searches
  • design primers for PCR, cloning, sequencing or hybridization experiments
  • plan cloning and run gels in silico
  • align multiple protein or DNA sequences
  • search NCBI, view, and save DNAs, proteins, and citations
  • edit chromatogram data, assemble into contigs
For detailed documentation, tutorials and manuals please check the Invitrogen web site.
Our current license covers the following modules: VECTORNTI, CONTIGEXPRESS, BIOPLOT, GENOMBENCH, ALIGNX.

Available to

CCRF investigators. You can download a 30-day free trial version here. BMI currently maintains a 3-seat dynamic (floating) license, which means that no more than 3 computers can be using Vector NTI at any one time. To participate in the license pool, please email your request to the BMI Help Desk. You will be contacted by our business director and applications specialists with further instructions.


Currently, the initial (1st year) cost per license is approximately $750, with estimated annual recurring costs of approximately $150\license\year. These numbers will fluctuate from year to year depending on the number of users who participate in the pool. If the number of interested investigators increase, we will likely negotiate more dynamic seats to ensure that lockouts are kept to a minimum.

Installation instructions

You can download the application here.
1.  Double Click the Vector NTI Advance 11.exe file to run the installer
2.  Select Next at the Welcome To Installshield screen
3.  Agree to the license agreenment and select Next.
4.  Keep the Application Folder and Database Folder at their default locations and select Next.
5.  Select Complete and then select Next
6.  Select None at the ordering option screen then select Next.
7.  Click Install to install the application
8.  Select Finish once the installation is done.
1.  Go to:  Start > All Programs > Invitrogen > Vector NTI Advance 11 > License Manager
2.  Once in License Manager go to the Applications tab.
3.  Make sure Vector NTI (and whatever other applications you are using) has Dynamic License selected under its drop down menu .
4.  Select the Dynamic button.
5.  Fill out the Name (your PIs Name), Organization, Phone Number, E-Mail Address. Contact BMI with the Asset Tag number of your computer to receive an email with the URL of the DLS (Dynamic License Server).
6.  Click Apply to apply the dynamic license.