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StatXact is a statistical software package for exact statistics. It calculates exact p-values and confidence intervals for contingency tables and non-parametric procedures:

  • Exploratory factor analysis
  • Genetic data: Family Based Association tests appropriate for data when the investigative marker has two or more alleles
  • Correlated data: Exact tests for multinomial data are now available for the unordered, singly ordered and doubly ordered RxC tables
  • Boschloo’s Test, power/sample size estimations now newly developed for testing the equality of two independent binomial populations
  • Mid-p corrected confidence intervals are now displayed for various tests
  • Lepage test: for detecting the shift as well as dispersion alternatives
  • R language support speeds analyses and command of batch jobs
  • Stratified Wilcoxon Signed Rank test utilizing case data on paired samples
  • Perform test of correlation across single – not bi-variable – correlation
  • Compute p-value for the test of trend in multiple outcomes
  • Estimate conditional maximum likelihood of trend parameters in correlated data
  • Conduct clustered response tests for correlation significance

Available to

All Cincinnati Children's employees.


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Purchase and install instructions

To request StatXact, send an email to with the following information:

  • Name (for whom software is being purchased):
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  • Department:
  • Budget number:
  • Business director's name:
  • Software requested:
  • Operating system: Windows Only
  • Asset tag for the machine on which the software will be installed (for example, P13-9999):

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