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Request REDCap

Requesting REDCap for a New Study

REDCap is a resource of the CCTST, funded by the CTSA grant to the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center. Persons eligible to use CCTST resources must be faculty or trainees affiliated with the University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, UC Health, or Cincinnati Veterans Administration Medical Center, and must be members of the CCTST. Membership is available at no cost. Register as a member at website: Investigators and research teams engaging in clinical and translational science across our Academic Health Center who want to benefit from CCTST services and resources must register studies and proposals and request support.

REDCap Databases and Surveys are created for specific research studies approved for CCTST support. The study must be approved before the REDCap Team can start creating the REDCap project for the study.

For an existing CCTST-Approved Study

Request for an additional REDCap project for an existing study can be made by sending the request to  including the existing study number.

For a New Study

Step 1. At fill in the online form. On the form, "Researcher" means the Principal Investigator for the study. If you are submitting the form on behalf of the Researcher, both submitter and Researcher will need to have registered as members. If the person listed as “Researcher” is not eligible for CCTST support (for example, is an employee) the request will be rejected. The “Researcher” for the study must be identified and confirm that they are responsible, even if the support is a REDCap project only and another team member will be REDCap contact. If the Researcher is a trainee or junior (less than Assoc. Prof.) faculty, their Mentor must be identified on the form.

On the form, under Services Requested, select REDCap Database (includes Surveys).

The Researcher will hear from CCTST during the 3 working days after submission. The CCTST methodologist notifies REDCap team when an approved project needs a REDCap Project, and REDCap will contact the researcher- the research team cannot contact REDCap directly until approval is complete.  

NOTE: If you are not contacted within 3 days after submission, please follow up with CCTST. On the website click the link “Contact Us” or call (513) 803-1044. 

Step 2.  A REDCap administrator will contact the Primary Investigator/project submitter to assist in getting the research study into REDCap.  We will identify the person on your study team who will take the role of REDCap Project Contact i.e., the person responsible for the REDCap project, and primary contact for the REDCap team.  It is recommended that this person attends one of our group training sessions, and more information about the classes will be given at that time. 

Step 3.After the initial project creation and training sessions, you can obtain  support by sending a message to   with the REDCap project number in the subject line. FYI there are 1,000+ active projects and you must have the project identified on all correspondence. Usually we reply within one working day (M-F, 9-5). The “help-redcap” email goes to an issue-tracker that lets everyone on the REDCap support team follow the history of the project. Therefore, questions and problems phoned or emailed to individuals are forwarded to the issue tracker, adding extra time to the reply cycle when you do not use "help-redcap".  

The REDCap Team can usually arrange the initial session quickly. To facilitate training, please provide a selection of times when you are available in the week following the approval of your project, and we will work out a convenient time.

Step 4. Every person working on the REDCap database/survey needs a REDCap System account to login. Please see tab “Manage Users” for information on getting an account. New accounts require at least 2 days to process, and must be linked to at least one existing REDCap project. The same account can be used for all REDCap projects.

The REDCap Team looks forward to working with you.