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REDCap Manage Users

Users must have one of two types of accounts in order to access the REDCap projects:

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, University of Cincinnati, UC Health

Users who hold an ID badge from one of these three affiliates of the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center, as faculty, trainee, or employee, and have a valid network login at CCHMC, UC or UC Health can use their account (username and password) for REDCap after the REDCap Administrators add the username to a security group of approved REDCap users before their first REDCap login. The new user must be a member of the research team for an approved REDCap project, and the request for REDCap access must be made by the Principal Investigator (or REDCap Primary Contact, but not by the new user) for the project. Once a user is added to the REDCap proxy group, the user may be added to multiple REDCap projects.

Please send a request to including each CCHMC/UC/UC Health username to be added as a REDCap approved user. Please try to batch all requests for the same project into one request. You will be notified when this is complete (usually same day but can take longer). The employee should then be able to log into REDCap portal with their system username and password. If the user is unable to login they should contact with the project number in the subject line and full details.

Users NOT affiliated with CCHMC/UC/UC Health

Users who do not have system accounts with CCHMC/UC/UC Health must apply for a REDCap-specific Research IT account.  For an account to be created for a user, please have the PI or person managing the project forward a request with the new user's full name and email address to

Please note that this request should include the project that this related to and that if possible the user's email address should be one associated with the institution they are with.  

To change password go to Identity Management Portal

A REDCap account provides access to just the CCTST REDCap portal, where the user can open all the REDCap projects that they have authority to access.

Authority to access each specific REDCap study’s database or survey is granted by the Principal Investigator (or their designee) to each user. A REDCap Administrator cannot grant user rights to a study.  The new user will be provided with the login, and must provide the username to the PI or Primary Contact for the project, who can add the new user to the User Rights list.