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LONI Pipeline Processing Environment


The LONI Pipeline is a free workflow application delveloped at the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging at UCLA. With the LONI Pipeline users can quickly and easily create workflows and submit them to the cluster.

Access to the LONI Pipeline

The LONI Pipeline client is available freely through the UCLA website. Upon downloading the client, please contact with your name and contact information requesting access to the cluster and also specify that you would like to be able to submit cluster jobs via the LONI Pipeline. After obtaining the appropriate privileges you will be able to submit jobs to our cluster through our local LONI server located at To do this open the LONI client and navigate to Window -> Connections and create a new connection. Give the connection a name and use as the server address and your username as the username and click on save. All workflows submitted to this server will be submitted to the cluster under your username.

More Information

You will find comprehensive documentation consisting of manuals, guides and video tutorials at the official LONI pipeline website.


The Loni Pipeline forum is a great place to start looking for answers to your pipeline questions.