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Lab Archives


LabArchives is an electronic lab notebook (ELN) software hosted on the cloud and is accessible from any device with an internet connection. LabArchives allows researchers to replace their paper notebooks, making notebook data easily searchable. LabArchives also facilitates sharing among collaborators and promotes common document and protocol storage in the lab. Customizable forms called ‘widgets’ allow researchers to standardize data entry for common experiments and provide tools for freezer box storage and chemical inventory lists. You can learn more about Lab Archives at this link:


We have partnered with LabArchives to offer Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation (CCRF) members access to the LabArchives ELN software.

  • Visit this site to sign up for a new LabArchives account. If you are working at a CCHMC campus, you will be redirected to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center login page. If you are working off campus, select the option to ‘create a new account’ and then ‘sign up through your institution’. Be sure to sign up using your CCHMC email address so that you are included in our enterprise license and you can take advantage of unlimited data storage!
  • Reference these help documents: Setting up a new account, Linking your existing account to CCHMC, and Accessing the mobile app to get started.


Sign up to attend a LabArchives training session using the training registration link found on the Lab Archives Centerlink page.


Here is some information to help you get started using your Lab Archives account:

1) Click here to learn more about Lab Archives Professional Edition software.

2) Start using Lab Archives quickly with this easy start-up guide.

3) Click here to find suggestions on how to setup your lab members and send invitations to join Lab Archives.

4) View a flow chart of user-roles within a Lab Archives notebook to help you get organized!


For Help, please contact: