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InfoPath / SharePoint


InfoPath® 2007 is a product from Microsoft® that enables you to create web-based forms without any knowledge of programming or web design. SharePoint® is a platform for hosting InfoPath forms and attaching workflows to them. SharePoint also has many other uses including web hosting and document management.

Available to

Cincinnati Children's investigators and research staff


Key InfoPath features include skip logic, conditional formatting and data validation. See our frequently asked questions for details.

Accessing InfoPath 2007

InfoPath 2007 is now available on BMI's Citrix servers. To use InfoPath 2007, you need to complete two tasks:

  • Installing the Citrix Client [Windows | Mac]
  • Configuring the Citrix Client for InfoPath 2007 [Windows | Mac]

User guides and online training

BMI has developed the following user guides for Cincinnati Children's users:

Microsoft offers the following online InfoPath training materials:

Individual and group training

BMI also offers group and one-on-one training sessions on InfoPath and SharePoint. If you are interested in scheduling a session, contact


Cost varies based on needs. For more information, contact

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