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Installation Notes

Software was obtained from Dr. Bernie Dardzinski from his shared directory. An older snapshot may be available in ribosome's /usr/local/src as IDL.tgz. This is version 6.3/

  • $ cd /usr/local/src
  • $ tar zxf IDL.tgz
  • $ cd IDL_6_3
  • $ chmod install/xinstall/xinstall.linux.x86(_64)
  • $ ./
  • Select /usr/local/encap/RSI as the install folder. The installer creates idl_6.3 there. Used Environment Modules to make it available to relevant users. The module file is available in ribosome at /usr/local/Modules/default/modulefiles/RSI.
  • Waiting for the server license file from Chris Hearn (IRC).