GeneSpring is available to researchers at Cincinnati Children's and UC. 


$1000/year/installation to participate in our floating license pool. If you are a DHC member, you are eligible for a discounted price.

Purchase and install instructions

Download from here (You will need to register first) and request a license by sending an email to and include the following for each instance of Genespring you are requesting:

  • Employee name:
  • Department:
  • Budget number:
  • Business director's name:
  • Software requested: Genespring
  • Asset tag for the machine on which the software will be installed (for example, P13-9999):
  • Location of system (e.g. S10.232AE):
  • Operating System (Windows or MAC, if MAC what version: 10.6 or 10.7 etc.)
  • Login Name/ID (This is the user name / Login ID you are using to login to the computer - this is case-sensitive)
  • Email address:
  • Contact Phone number:
  • PI Name:

Genespring on the cluster

GeneSpring can also be run on the Linux cluster as well as on several large-memory servers. If you are interested in using Genespring on the cluster, please email the BMI Help Desk.

Mailing list

If you use GeneSpring, please sign up for the GeneSpring users mailing list.

Technical support

For help with GeneSpring, please send an email to

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