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How much does CERF cost to use?

For now, CERF is available at no additional cost to your lab.  The institution has purchased an initial group of licenses that are available on a first-come first-served basis.  Your usage is monitored, and if you stop using CERF you may be asked to give up your license so it may be reallocated to another group who will make full use of it.

What is the difference between a "File Cabinet" and a "Notebook" in CERF?

"File Cabinets" in CERF are the equivalent of a reference bookshelf.  This is an ideal place to store documents, images, protocols, procedures and other useful data that you want to share with others in your lab.  By default, CERF creates a "File Cabinet" that is the same as your username for signing into CERF, which only you have access to.  You can grant others the permission to see your personal "File Cabinet" using workgroup management.  You may create as many "File Cabinets" as you need by going to Collections-New Collection-New File Cabinet from within CERF.  When you create a new file cabinet, don't forget to specify what group has access to see your new "File Cabinet"

 "Notebooks" are the equivalent to a paper notebook.  This is where you tell the story of your research.  You may create as many notebooks as you need by going to Collections-New Collection-New Notebook from within CERF.  Just like "File Cabinets", a "Notebook" in CERF can be created in different workgroups, which define who has access to the information contained within.