Adobe Acrobat Pro

Click here for a list of asset tags with a valid license of Adcrobat Pro

If your asset tag is on the list of asset tags with a valid license, then Adobe software will be removed from it on August 1st.

If your asset tag is not on the list of asset tags with a valid license, and the license was purchased from BMI, the software will be removed on April 24th, 2017

Thereafter, when an expired \ invalid license of Acrobat Pro is found on any asset, it will be removed immediately.


Frequently Asked Questions regarding Adobe Acrobat Pro removal


Why is this being done?

The strategy for BMI to purchase an Adobe site license, and manage these licenses has not proven to be cost effective in the long run.  Therefore, BMI will not be renewing our Adobe agreement in June 2017.  In preparation of our agreement ending in FY17, all expired \ invalid installs of Adobe Acrobat Pro are being removed.


How did my license become invalid?

If you had purchased an Adobe Acrobat Pro software license from BMI prior to July 2014 (FY15), then it is considered as expired \ invalid. 

If the installed Adobe software was purchased from University of Cincinnati, then it violates the license agreement, and is considered to be invalid.


What is the criteria for a valid license?

All Adobe software licenses purchased from BMI after July 2014 are considered valid and active.


What is the life of my valid license?

All valid licenses of Adobe software (Acrobat Pro, Acrobat Standard, and Photoshop Elements) purchased from BMI will be removed on August 1st, 2017


Can a valid license be transferred to another computer?

A valid license can be transferred to another computer when the computer on which it is currently installed, is getting refreshed. Outside of refresh, a software license cannot be transferred.


At refresh, will my Acrobat Pro license transfer to my new system?

If the license on your current computer is determined to be valid, then it will be transferred to your new computer.  However, that valid license will be removed on August 1st, 2017

If the license on your current computer is determined to be expired, then it will not transfer to your new computer.


Are all Adobe licenses affected?

Only those Adobe licenses purchased from BMI and University of Cincinnati are affected by this removal. 

If your Adobe license was purchased from an outside vendor (like Zones), then it is not affected by this removal.

Licenses for which you pay an annual subscription fee are not affected by this removal.


Will other Adobe software purchased from BMI be removed as well?

Yes, all Adobe software (Acrobat Pro, Acrobat Standard, Photoshop Elements) that was purchased from BMI will be removed on August 1st, 2017.


How do I know if my Adobe license will be removed on Aug 1?

For stepwise instructions, please click here


What if I need the software?

You will need to purchase a new license. 

To purchase it, please request a quote from CHMC’s preferred software vendor Zones by sending an email to . Upon receipt of the quote, you will need to process it just like any other quote, via a PO#.

Steps for installation of software purchased from Zones:
1. After placing an order for software, call the Service Desk at x64100
2. Provide your name, your network ID, PO#, software name, and the asset tag(s) on which the purchased software is to be installed
3. Ask the Service Desk agent for the ticket number, and note it down
4. The software is typically deployed and installed on the asset tag(s) within 7 business days
5. If the software is not installed within a week, please call the Service Desk at x64100, refer to the ticket number you had noted down, and ask for a status update

Any other questions?

Please send an email to



Adobe Acrobat Pro is NO LONGER issued by BMI.  However, the software may be purchased through CCHMC's preferred software reseller Zones.

Requirements for submitting applications to

To submit applications to, you do NOT need to purchase Acrobat Standard or Acrobat Professional. However, you do need to have the correct version of the free Adobe Reader. For more information, see the compatible versions of Adobe Reader section on, which includes a link for downloading new and previous versions of Adobe Reader.


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