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Data Storage

Several types of storage are available to research users at Cincinnati Children's:

  • RDS: Institutionally supported enterprise storage -- i.e., divisional shared and project drives
  • Web-based storage systems for specific research data types -- e.g., genotype, microarray, flow cytometry
  • BMIISI: Other specialized storage on CHMCRES -- i.e., any option that doesn't fit within the first two categories

Institutionally supported enterprise research data storage (RDS)

Cincinnati Children's maintains institutionally supported storage for research. Each research division receives 100GB of shared space free of charge. Increases to these free quotas and additional project-based storage space are available at the following charge-back rates:

  • $0.10/GB/year for space without backup
  • $0.20/GB/year for space with standard (two-month) backup
  • $0.40/GB/year for space with non-standard extended (four-month) backup - requires justification and approval

Non-standard backup:- if currently have 1 year extended or non-standard backup, then down to 4 months, unless have approval for longer retention.

In addition, long-term archive space is available for $0.10/GB/year.

New requests, as well as requests for quota increase of RDS drives should be submitted through BeMyIT Store .

More information on RDS:

For assistance, contact Research IT Support

Web-based storage systems for specific research data types

Biomedical Informatics currently is developing several web interfaces for uploading and downloading specific research data types. By using these systems, researchers save space on their personal and project drives. In addition, files are stored in a structured rather than unstructured environment, which means they can be more easily found and identified.

Currently, the following web-based systems are available:

Plans are under way to develop an additional web interface for storing image files.

If you are interested in using any of these systems, please email Research IT Support.

More information:

BMIISI: Other specialized storage on CHMCRES

Biomedical Informatics also maintains storage systems on the Research domain that are specialized and don't fit into the above categories. Examples might be server attached storage for database and other servers, storage in support of cluster computing, and storage with special requirements such as bandwidth and latency.

Server name:

Instructions for accessing this server on a Windows Computer

Instructions for accessing this server on a Macintosh Computer

Permissions Manager for BMIISI (accessible from anywhere, requires a Research Network Environment (RNE) account)

Current examples of specialized storage include the i2b2 Research Data Warehouse hosted on Oracle, storage for VMWare clusters, cluster scratch space, and home directories for DMZ LDAP accounts.

Charge-back rates are the same as for RDS storage

New requests, as well as requests for quota change should be emailed to

Please contact Research IT Support if you need any kind of storage, and we'll be happy to work with you to create the proper setup.