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Running software the easy way

An easy way to run software on the cluster is with X server software on your local machine. If you are on a Windows computer, we recommend that you use the NX client. Most Linux and Windows computers come with a built-in X server, although you can install the NX client or another client of your choice.

Here are instructions for using the the NX client to access the cluster software:

1. Configure the client to connect to (the SSH gateway login node). See Configuring the NX client for details. You can configure the NX client to use your CCHMC network credentials (if you are a CCHMC employee) or the Research Network Environment user name and password you have been provided (if you are not a CCHMC employee) to access the cluster.


NX provides you a KDE desktop session:


3. To launch software, use the desktop icons available for most of the GUI-based software available in the cluster (like GeneSpring, Matlab, AutoDockTools and R):

4. When you submit a job, you can change the default resource values (384 MB memory and 1 Hour walltime) by clicking No at the following screen:

5. Enter custom values for memory and walltime, and click Submit Job.change-default-options.jpg