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ImageQuant TL


Basic Information

ImageQuant TL is a suite of image analysis tools designed to meet a broad range of analysis requirements. ImageQuant TL is an automated and easy-to-use general purpose gel, blot, and array image analysis software.

The flexible ImageQuant TL software features high levels of automation, yet still allows manual editing  at any stage of the analysis. Image data can be extracted easily and accurately in a matter of seconds to produce consistently reliable data. ImageQuant TL software also supports multiplexing for advanced fluorescence applications.


Biomedical Informatics and Research Administration are working together to provide ImageQuant TL software from GE Healthcare Life Sciences for research image analysis. This software was purchased for use with the GE Life Sciences Typhoon 9500FLA digital imager located in R3.302, but can also be used to analyze images from other sources. IQTL will primarily be used to analyze gels of various types, but can also be used for:

- 1-D electrophoresis gels;

- dot blots, microplates, and basic arrays

- colony counting and measurement of 2-D spots and other image features

IQTL will be provided through a floating license pool administered by BMI. There is no charge to download or use the software at this time, and no chargebacks are expected in the future. There should be enough floating licenses for the institution, but we will purchase more if the current number reaches capacity.


Cincinnati Children's employees only.


Will run on MS Windows-based computers only. Mac users can request to run it via a Citrix server OR on a virtual machine (e.g.,using Parallels or VMWare).

Cost to Investigators:


To Install

To have IQTL installed on your computer, please send an email to with

* Your name

* PI name

* Operating System of the machine (Windows or Mac)

* Asset tag number of the machine on which IQTL is to be installed

(if installing on a Mac, provide the asset tag # of the VM and NOT the Mac)

IS will be notified to push out the software to your computer, and you will receive an email with the license server name (you will need this to set IQTL up the first time you run it). You will also be included in the user email list.

User List

Research Administration will maintain a user mailing list in order to inform users about important future changes in the software, ie. new versions, upgrades, issues, etc.

More Information

IQTL Imaging Principles Handbook – extensive resource for imaging analysis from GE Healthcare

For questions about the Typhoon, other imaging equipment, the user list, or software downloads, please contact

For technical issues with using floating licenses, please contact