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Developer Session - January 25, 2012


A Lap Around Visual Studio 2010 Application Lifecycle Management

presented by Randy Pagels, Sr Developer Technology Specialist, Microsoft Corporation


Wednesday, January 25th, 2012
12:00 - 1:00pm
Location: S8.125


In this demo-rich session we will take a tour of many of the new capabilities of Visual Studio 2010 for application lifecycle management. This includes a look at the new build automation, project management, branching and merging, and related capabilities of Team Foundation Server 2010. We will also look at the new design and modeling tools and software testing capabilities of Visual Studio 2010. Also, we will be discussing the formation of an Users Group for CCHMC Developers. Group Objectives (producing better software and reducing the redundancies):

  1. Meet periodically to discuss issues, topics and best practices around development at CCHMC.
  2. Serve as a social network for developers and a means of exposing existing resources available at CCHMC.
  3. Create an open-source, community library of common dlls, functionality etc.
  4. Education about new ideas, products, practices, and common software development mistakes/pitfalls.